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850 Jahre Freiburg


Film about the festivities of the 850th anniversary of the city of Freiburg. Ceremonial act in the Stadttheater with President Gustav Heinemann, several costume parades in the city, city views, Badensian winw festival.


TC 10:00:06 Tablet: 850 years of Freiburg 1120-1970 TC 10:00:12 Tablet: The Festival Week of 5.-14. June 1970 in pictures TC 10:00:18 Tablet: Helmut Eckert (cameraman) TC 10:00:27 Pan across Freiburg TC 10:00:35 Tablet 5.6.1970 Premiere of the Freiburg Film TC 10:00:42 Cinema "Kamera Kurbel", Lord Mayor Keidel with wife, people get out and greet each other. TC 10:01:27 Freiburg Munster TC 10:01:54: People are leaving the cinema. Lord Mayor Keidel thanks director Wolf Hart TC 10:03:10: Tablet 5th June 1970 Lord Mayor Keidel TC 10:03:16: Tablet receives the huge Federal Cross of Merit TC 10:03:21: Reception, Prime Minister Hans Filbinger hands over Federal Cross of Merit, both toast with a glas of wine TC 10:05:40 Installation of the city anniversary with flags of Freiburg, Germany. France and Europe TC 10:05:50 Pan of the new build quarter of "Landwasser" TC 10:06:51 Tablet 6 June 1970 The Federal President at the anniversary TC 10:07:16 Gustav Heinemann, Hans Filbinger, Eugen Keidel come from the ceremony in the Stadttheater and walk through the city TC 10:08:22 Tablet June 6, 1970 Handover of the fish fountain TC 10:08:29 Fischbrunnen on the market square at Münster TC 10:09:02 Marketplace shot from the Munster Tower TC 10:09:10 Market life TC 10:09:46 Tablet 14 June 1970 Large parade of the Alemannic folk associations and the Bad.-Hess. vigilante TC 10:09:53 French military guests of honor on tribune in front of Colombi Hotel TC 10: 10.36 Parada of different music and costume groups TC 10:13:50 French groups from Alsace TC 10:15:12 Tablet 850 Years City of Freiburg i. Br. TC 10:15:17 Impressions of the city TC 10:15:51 Tablet From 7.-11. June 1970 Alemannic Week for the city anniversary TC 10:15:57 Scripture opening TC 10:16:00 Event with OB Keidel, speakers, children's choir in the Historic Tradinghall TC 10:18:00 Tablet 9 June 1970 Youth Ball in the Stadthalle TC 10:19:15 Tablet 12 June 1970 Start of the Bad. Wine Festival TC 10:19:20 Parade through town with folk and music groups TC 10:19:45 Address from the balcony of the Historic Tradinghall, OB Keidel, Wine Queen TC 10:20:13 Place concert Münsterplatz TC 10:20:25 Wine bar TC 10:21:28 Tablet 13 June 1970 Children's party on the airfield TC 10:21:33 Opening OB Keidel, French general, tour with French military, train ride, shooting range TC 10:23:33 Sack-hopping with OB Keidel and French General TC 10:24:04 Souvenirs city anniversary TC 10:24:10 Schwabentor, Martinstor TC 10:24:33 Tablet 14. Juni 1970 Parade of the Baden Winegrowers with participation from partners and Zähringer cities TC 10:24:42 Parade of folk and music groups TC 10:25:52 French groups Franche-Comte and Jura TC 10:26:55 Camera crew on car TC 10:27:20 French dance troupe TC 10:30:25 Advertisement Badischer Wine TC 10:31:17 Market life Münsterplatz TC 10:31:49 Tablet 14 June 1970 Brilliant fireworks TC 10:33:07 End


Reference / film number :  LFS02297
Date :  14 June 1970
Coloration :  Colorized
Sound :  Sound movie
Running time :  00:33:15
Film-maker :  Eckert, Helmut
Reel format :  16 mm
Language :  German
Genre :  Amateur movie
Archive :  Haus des Dokumentarfilms

Identified persons

Filbinger, Hans; Ministerpräsident (15.9.1913-1.4.2007; MP 1966-1978) Hart, Wolf; Filmregisseur (13.6.1911-5.7.2002) Heinemann, Gustav; Bundespräsident (23.7.1899-7.7.1976; BP 1969-1974) Keidel, Dr, Eugen; Oberbürgermeister Freiburg (4.9.1909-31.12.1991; OB 1962-1982)

Places and monuments

Münster Freiburg, Münsterplatz, Historisches Kaufhaus, Rathaus, Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse, Schwabentor, Martinstor, Bertoldsbrunnen, Fischbrunnen, Stadttheater, Colombi Hotel, Stadthalle

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