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The support card

When to create a support card?

Whenever a referenced physical medium exists.

Why create a support card?

The creation of sequences from their support facilitates the management of sequence naming and ensures their uniqueness. The information entered on the support will apply by default to the film files coming from this support which allows an important saving of time when several sequences are coming from the same support. The support sheet automatically groups the sequence sheets resulting from it.

How to create a support card ?

Go to the left menu:Supports > Add a support card. Enter the support number (its dimension) > Confirm. Complete all fields that seem relevant to you about this support. None are mandatory.

When you have completed your entry, save your changes.

"Notes: You can modify your file at any time. Remember to save your work regularly by using the "Save and continue" button which appears in yellow as soon as a page content is not saved, and in green when everything is saved. The film submission process is not yet final, so contact Marion or Ludovic for this phase. The support sheet can also be created after the sequence sheets attached to it, but it's much less practical!

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