Ausflug Italien

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Travel to Italy to Verona, Venice and to Bad Wörrishofen.


Driving through a city in Italy; Walk through Verona; Driving picture over Ponte della Liberta; Parking garage in Venice; Vaporetto ride on the Grand Canal; Walk through Venice: alleys, bridges, markets, Rialto Bridge, St. Mark's Square; Vaporetto ride to Lido, walk on the beach; Vaporetto ride on the Grand Canal, house labeled 'Gabrielli Sandwirth'; Drive out of the parking garage, driving record; Cart with donkey; Driving picture through the Dolomites, trip over the Mendel pass (Passo della Mendola), mountain landscape;

Lake Garda: villages, women do laundry; Drive over the Maloja Pass (Passo del Maloggia), mountain landscape; Calendar 'Sunday / 31'; Driving through forest; Sign 'Hinterwaldkopf / Gaststätte'; Walk to the Hinterwaldkopf, memorial service on the Hinterwaldkopf; Hut of the German Gymnastics Association, probably Hinterwaldkophütte, sign 'Schwarzwaldverein', Schwarzwaldhaus, hike in the Black Forest; New construction of a house, guests in the gas room; Pan over sea; Sign 'Luftkurort Altglashütten', hut of the German Gymnastics Association in Altglashütten

Title .. 54 / Hike in the Black Forest, couple in a dining room, woman in deck chair on terrace of hut, man shaving with razor, woman on stairs in hut; Sign 'Kinderheim / Schuppenhörnle' (on the Feldberg); Children dance; Woman sitting on bench; Cemetery with chapel <not identified>; Woman with dustpan in garden; Chapel <not identified>; Married couple in the door of a new building, probably the hut of the German Gymnastics Association; Title: Pentecost 1955 Wörishofen / VW convertible is cleaned; Drive in a VW Beetle convertible to Wörishofen with stops in Mühlheim an der Donau, Wildenstein Castle in the Danube Valley, Riedlingen, Zwiefalten, Memmingen; Lake Constance: trip on the excursion boat, guests on the terrace of a restaurant; Car on the road, driving record; Railway station, sign 'Kaufbeuren', incoming train, passengers waving from the train compartment; Kaufbeuren; Sign 'Bad Wörishofen'; View from the room on the square in Bad Wörishofen. //


Reference / film number :  LFS 9327
Date :  1955
Coloration :  Black and white
Sound :  Mute
Timecode :  00:07:49
Running time :  00:00:00
Film-maker :  Balke, Curt
Reel format :  16 mm
Genre :  Amateur movie
Thematics :  Outdoor activities, Natural and transformed landscape, Heritage and tourism sites
Archive :  Haus des Dokumentarfilms

Places and monuments

Venedig; Altglashütten; Bad Wörishofen; Kaufbeuren

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