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Familienaufnahmen und -feste in der Nachkriegszeit 1948/49


Boy at lunch, children with small handcart, children with grandfather in the garden, girl with picture book; Walk with grandparents, family at a lake <possibly Lake Constance> and in the garden; Title: Poppele / 2 years 27.9.48 / Children's birthday: girl with gifts, walk with grandparents, children with doll's pram and dolls, outdoor coffee table, girl with hair bow; Children play on the banks of the Titisee; Title: That was on Titisee / 2.10.48 / Title: At the fair / 12.10.48 / Drive through the war-torn Freiburg; Visit to the fairground: fairground rides; Walk with grandparents; Christmas: parents and grandparents at the table with wooden toys, walk with grandfather: girl with fur hat; Boy with tricycle on the street; Title: 25.1.49 / 66 years / Winter sports: grandfather on skis, boy on skis //


Reference / film number :  LFS 9322 1
Date :  Between 1948 and 1949
Coloration :  Black and white
Sound :  Mute
Timecode :  00:04:16
Running time :  00:00:00
Film-maker :  Balke, Curt
Reel format :  16 mm
Genre :  Amateur movie
Thematics :  Second World War : post-war period
Archive :  Haus des Dokumentarfilms

Places and monuments

Freiburg i.B.

  1. This film analysis is still in progress. It may therefore be incomplete and contain errors.