Visite du colonel de la Rocque en Alsace (0005FH0011)

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Note accompagnant le film "Visite de La Roque à Zinswiller".

Le monument commémoratif est celui du Geisberg.


Reference / film number :  0005FH0011
Date :  Between 1936 and 1945
Coloration :  BW and color
Sound :  Mute
Running time :  00:03:14
Film-maker :  Weiss, Robert-Charles
Reel format :  8 mm
Genre :  Amateur movie
Thematics :  Identity, Rural life
Archive :  MIRA

  1. As part of an amateur production, this sequence did not receive a title from its director. The title displayed on this sheet has been freely created by its author in order to best reflect its content.