Kati's Hochzeit



Marriage of Kati and the 60. Brithday of Curt Balke


Daughter and father in front of the house, man on bicycle; Title: 25. u. 26.1.43 / I 60 years / Kati's wedding / Family in front of the house and on a street in Freiburg; festive table, menu card; Family in front of the house, gets on the tram and in front of the town hall in Freiburg; Newlyweds, flower children, wedding guests; Wedding party: guests clink glasses of champagne);

Title: Easter 1943 / Sign 'Bad Krozingen / Landkreis Müllheim', walk in the area, sign 'Zum Thermalbad', streets in Bad Krozingen; Ride with horse-drawn carriage; Church (inside) and chapel (short); Girl and man with dog; Nepomuk Bridge and Town Hall in Bad Krozingen, Kurpark; Man on bike, woman combs dog's fur;

Title: Pentecost 1943 / Garden, breakfast on the veranda; Bicycle tour: ride through Singen, Hohentwiel in the background; Hike on the Belchen, man in Wehrmacht uniform and woman look through binoculars, rest in a meadow; Cycling through a village <not identified>, bicycles on the roadside, in the background Hohentwiel, young woman picking cornflowers; young woman with tray, man with dachshund, breakfast in the garden, young couple on bike; Family with dachshund and 'Käthe Kruse' doll in the garden; young woman makes beds, couple in the room, looks out the window;

Title: Holidays in Breitnau 1.-7.8.43 / House with garden in Breitnau, couple in the garden; Cows in pasture with shepherd boy; Black Forest house with chapel, family with baby stroller in front of the house, man bathing in the pond, couple at an outdoor table and in the parlor of the Black Forest house, cows and horses in the yard; Hike in the area of ​​Breitnau;

Title: Ms. Kati 23 years / 14.9.1943 / Young woman at handwork at the table, man leafing through a booklet, woman at gardening, young woman with bouquet of flowers, birthday table, young man pasting photos; young couple leafing through books, daughter and father on the sofa, young woman pulling bowl out of the oven; Man looks at graphics, young woman with birthday presents;

Title: 5th War Christmas / 1943/1944 / Man and young woman in the garden, man with a backpack, family unpacking presents, young woman with a dog in the garden and on the street, panning over the house (very dark); young woman in puerperium, father and daughter with baby, nurse with baby, pan over 'Loretto hospital', sign 'driveway to Loretto hospital'; Baby comes home;

Title: Peter 1st month / 17.3.44 / Baby on the changing table and in the bath; Woman hangs up laundry, clothesline in the garden, woman with baby stroller; Man gardening and with baby stroller;

Title: Easter 1944 / Hike to castle ruins 'Hochburg bei Emmendingen', sign 'Hochburg'; Family with baby in the garden and in the house; Breisacher Münster St. Stephan, view of Breisach; Traffic sign 'To Neuchâtel 4 km'; Panning over war-torn houses; Ships on the Rhine; Lunch on the veranda; young couple and grandfather with baby in garden; Man with rewinder for 16 mm film; young couple with baby stroller on the street, grandmother puts baby in baby stroller. //


Reference / film number :  LFS 9318
Date :  Between 1943 and 1944
Coloration :  Black and white
Sound :  Mute
Timecode :  00:11:06
Running time :  00:00:00
Film-maker :  Balke, Curt
Reel format :  16 mm
Genre :  Amateur movie
Archive :  Haus des Dokumentarfilms

  1. This film analysis is still in progress. It may therefore be incomplete and contain errors.