Urlaub Italien



Summer vacation in Upper Italy 1937


Title: My summer vacation in Italy 1937 / girl looks out of window, family having breakfast outdoors, pan over landscape in Northern Italy; Small town in Italy, probably Oleggio; Family at the lake and in the garden; Children play tennis, walk through the small town, probably Oleggio; Eating on the terrace, girl sweeping room; Pan over place, probably on Lake Maggiore, rowing boat on the lake; Children in front of the steps of a villa, boy with a parasol, children on a rowboat; Pan across landscape with lake; Bicycle tour: boys on bicycles, Villa Crespi in Oleggio, sign 'Orta', alleys, pan across Lake Maggiore and Isola San Giulio, boys with spaghetti; Drive to Isola Bella in Lake Maggiore, walk on the island; Trip to Milan: old town, cathedral; Place in Northern Italy <not identified>, boy and girl at a lake; Driving picture from the train, Northern Italy and the Dolomites.//


Reference / film number :  LFS 9330 3
Date :  1937
Coloration :  Black and white
Sound :  Mute
Timecode :  00:03:20
Running time :  00:00:00
Film-maker :  Balke, Curt
Reel format :  16 mm
Genre :  Amateur movie
Thematics :  Cross-border tourism, Natural and transformed landscape, Heritage and tourism sites
Archive :  Haus des Dokumentarfilms

Places and monuments


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