Wanderung und Schwimmen



Family films with children playing, trips to the Black Forest and swimming between 1932 and 1937


Girls do gymnastics and play on the banks of a lake, women undresses behind the blanket; Pan across Black Forest landscape with lake; Walk in the Black Forest, in the background Black Forest houses; Family swims in the lake; Rest on the shore of a lake with a fireplace; Black Forest house, dog and cat in the yard; Family at the lake; Women undress and cream themselves;

Sign 'St. Märgen / Höhenluftkurort / Strandbad '; Family on the bank of a lake, painter at the easel, family in a village square <not identified>; Wooden house with the inscription 'Cashier / Municipal swimming pool', changing room, swimming pool; Sign 'Kandern', 'Wolfsschlucht'; young woman with cat in garden, panning through garden; Children in the living room, girls look out of the window, girls play in the garden in a tent made of blankets, bathe in a zinc bathtub; Man looks at viaduct over the Ravenna Gorge; Family at Vesper on the edge of the forest; Girl in front of an inn, house with the inscription 'Gasthof Pension zum Löwen' in Breitnau>; Children having breakfast on terrace; City view <not identified>; Girl with backpack, pan over landscape, slow worm; Girls climb observation tower; Girls look out the window; Coffee table on the terrace; Girl slides down the stairs, girl with a school report booklet, girls play with dolls and doll clothes on table in the garden, girls on the street, boy and girl play with model trains in the garden, postman with a bag; Girl leafing through book; Girls play with ball in the garden, do gymnastic exercises, jump off ladder's trick scene: film runs backwards, balance floor; Cats with milk bowl, pigeons; Title: In Sept. 32 / Kate 12 Years / Girls crochet, girls at the coffee table, sign 'Cafe zum Cremetopf', girls play wheel of fortune and throwing game, girls with bicycles on the street, girls at lunch; Lido: girl in swimwear, girl in the water, boy jumping into the water 'trick scene: film runs backwards'; Girl and woman with toddler, girl with dachshund, geese and pig in the yard, sheep in the pasture; Girls walk past the crossroads; Girl and man play with dachshund in the garden;

Christmas: Christmas tree, girl as angel, girl with dolls and trying on sweaters, adults drinking wine, pan over flu; Girls with dolls <dolls have small swastika flags>; Family comes out of the house; Hike through the winter landscape and cross-country skiing in the Black Forest; Title: Happy New Year 1934 / Kathe Kruse doll on sledge; Man and girl on sledge; Walk in spring, village in the background, girls playing with dachshunds in a meadow and on the bank of a lake, probably Lake Titisee; Girl writes on signboard; Girl plays with dachshund in the garden; Girls pick grapes in the garden, play with cards at the table; Family gets in car, walk in the Black Forest, girl in dirndl; young woman on bicycle and with satchel; Title: Kate 15 years / Sept. 14, 1935 / girl tries on hat, girl in the garden u. with bicycle; Drinking coffee in the living room; Title: My 17th Birthday / Girls with gifts, girls sit at the table with cards.//


Reference / film number :  LFS 9330 2
Date :  Between 1933 and 1937
Coloration :  Black and white
Sound :  Mute
Timecode :  00:05:50
Running time :  00:00:00
Film-maker :  Balke, Curt
Reel format :  16 mm
Genre :  Amateur movie
Thematics :  Swimming, Winter sport, Natural and transformed landscape
Archive :  Haus des Dokumentarfilms

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  1. This film analysis is still in progress. It may therefore be incomplete and contain errors.