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Ausflug Braunau Angeln


Ausflug nach Braunau und in die Berge mit Angeltour


Newspaper headline <New Raid>; Inn bridge from Simbach; Pan over Braunau; Sign 'Braunau'; Tour through the city center of Braunau; Sign 'Passau'; Tour through the city center of Passau, Dom, Veste Oberhaus; Angler with fishing rod, angler, probably on the Inn, with fish, family eating fish; Sign 'Burghausen / Alt Ötting'; Pan over Burghausen, castle complex; Family comes out the door of a family home.


Reference / film number :  LFS 9324 1
Date :  1944
Coloration :  Black and white
Sound :  Mute
Timecode :  00:01:30
Running time :  00:00:00
Film-maker :  Balke, Curt
Reel format :  16 mm
Genre :  Amateur movie
Thematics :  Outdoor activities, Second World War : German occupation - Annexation of Alsace, Hunting and Fishing, Natural and transformed landscape, Heritage and tourism sites
Archive :  Haus des Dokumentarfilms

Places and monuments


  1. This film analysis is still in progress. It may therefore be incomplete and contain errors.